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Our concept

SAUSALITOS is inspired by the party culture and easygoing lifestyle of Sausalitos, a multicultural city close to San Francisco, and its popular Californian-Mexican cuisine. Today, our mission is to combine the global influences, positive vibes and inspirations of this melting pot and give everyone who comes to eat and drink at SAUSALITOS a sense of community, fun and a well-deserved break from daily life. It's a place to linger, enjoy and celebrate the good things in life. 

Our cuisine
The Californian way of life

A taste of the Californian sun, paired with the heat of Mexican nights: SAUSALITOS specializes in a wide range of cocktails and dishes inspired by the Californian and Mexican cuisine. It's the perfect combination of trendy bar, relaxed bistro with an open kitchen and a big restaurant area.


Specials im Sausalitos

Food Monday

Ausgewählte Gerichte zum halben Preis. 

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Taco Tuesday

Tacos für je 1 EUR. (Füllungen: Chili con Carne, Pollo, BBQ-Pollo, Schmorgemüse)

Secret Wednesday

Jeden Mittwoch wöchentlich wechselnde Specials & Aktionen.

Girls Night Out

Jeden Donnerstag für alle Mädels ein Welcome Drink aufs Haus und eine Cocktail-Auswahl den gesamten Abend zum Happy Hour Preis.

Rib Me Baby!

Nur Sonntags: Rib Me Baby!

Knusprig gegrillte Spare Ribs mit Pommes und BBQ-Sauce für 12,50 EUR