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Sat. 25. Mar. 2023
20:30 UHR
- Doors
Mercedes Platz
Sat. 25. Mar. 2023
20:30 UHR
(Doors )

Earth Hour 2023

On 25th of March 2023 at 8.30 pm, millions of people, Cities and landmarks around the world will turn off the lights for one hour. Several lights will be switched off at the Mercedes Platz, the Mercedes-Benz Arena or the Verti Music Hall from 20:30 - 21:30.

Because of an event taking place at Mercedes-Benz Arena it will not be possible to turn off all light sources. However, unecessary sources of light in the arena will be turned off for the hour.

Together with WWF Germany and millions of people, we want to send a strong message for more climate protection. Read on to explore all the different ways you can take part online or at home this Earth Hour. No matter where you are in the world, you can make an impact and join us for the Hour!

Further information on Earth Hour, the world's largest campaign for climate and environmental protection, can be found at

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